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SecOps Solutions GmbH

SecOps Solutions GmbH –
We make next-generation mobility secure.

We develop innovative Product Cyber Security solutions and are technology consultants in all matters relating to Product Cyber Security, DevSecOps, ISO21434 and Key Lifecycle Management.

Agile Development

Using the latest technologies and processes, we develop customer-specific software. Continuous Integration / Deployment and Dev (Sec) Ops are our best practices. Silicon Valley goes German Mittelstand!


Cyber Security

The protection of software and data is becoming more and more a business-critical factor. By combining our pronounced affinity for hackers with our special digital know-how, we secure our customers’ intellectual property in the long term.



The Internet of Things promises enormous market potential but requires know-how for a successful market entry. We support our customers with our experience, a broad skill set and a lot of creativity in the development of their IoT products.

Our Portfolio

Automotive Key Lifecycle Management System

Using the latest technologies and processes, we develop customer-specific software. Continuous Integration / Deployment and Dev (Sec) Ops are our best practices. Silicon Valley goes German Mittelstand!

Automotive Blockchain

Our customers‘ Intellectual Property is one of their most important values. Our Blockchain-based IP-Protection will secure it from the first development-steps until the end of their lifecycle.


Product Cyber Security Consulting

Our highly scalable, NIST 800-57 conform Key Lifecycle Management Platform meets current and future Product Cyber Security standards for Automotive Companies and their Cyber Security demands. On the market and in heavy use with several customers for several years now it is battle-proven.

Product Cyber Security Integration Services

Every working Product Cyber Security solutions depends highly on a flawless integration in the manufacturing workflows. Production environments have high demands in terms of availability, latency and quality to ensure 24/7 manufacturing readiness. Our engineers are working on-site to make sure, that key-provisioning, Debug-Access-lockdown, End-of-Line-tests are working hand-in-hand with the highest cyber security demands.

Let’s create something great together!

Our Team – Our Manifest

The labor market is changing. The old “9 to 5 rule” has already given way to more modern models in many areas. The often cited digital disruption has left its mark, particularly in IT & engineering-related industries. Modern and future DevOps projects primarily require soft skills such as creativity, inventive talent, courage, etc. Anyone who wants to be successful in this new world is more an entrepreneur than a craftsman.

We think that’s great and see our opportunities in this upheaval. That is why we are shaped by values such as freedom, creativity and enthusiasm. Our vision is to handle complex DevOps projects quickly, with excellent quality and with maximum fun.

If you share our values, join us! We always look forward to new colleagues. Or just come and visit us and see what we do. We look forward to you.

Markus Wiedholz

Our Values

“Progress is only possible if you break the rules intelligently”

Boleslaw Barlog


We understand independence as the necessary framework to be able to develop creative, solution-oriented and sustainable products. It starts with simple things such as the choice of IT resources and working hours and location and ends with a full say in all important decisions.


Technologies are important enablers for us. We need them to develop the fastest system, the most democratic platform or the most secure API.
We love trying out, getting to know, adapting and mastering new technologies.
We never stop learning!


The enthusiasm for one’s own work is a guarantee for long-term ambition. We want to achieve something and therefore everyone does what they enjoy and what helps the team.

Of course, we support this claim with the latest equipment, best access to caffeine in any form, and much more.

SecOps Solutions GmbH

Mittermayerstr. 33
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